Resumes Submitted for Evaluation

Résumé of Candidate #1

Résumé of Candidate #2

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Open Positions

Vice President of Reverse Engineering

Vice President of VPs

Chief Technical Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Operations Officer

Chief of Chiefs

Corporate Lawyers (just can't have enough of them)

Anybody familiar with hostile Takeovers and Acquisitions

Director of Team Building Events and Unwinder Parties

Recreational Director

Director of Indirection

Manager of Program Managers

Manager of Affairs

Psychologists & Psychotherapists

Medical and Nursing Assistants

Massage Therapists


Public Relations Director

Security Agents and Body Guards

Bookie Agent

Tax Attorney

Professional Caddy

Motivational Speaker

Demolition and Pyrotechnics Engineers

Biohazard Engineer

Sanitation Engineer

Entertainment Specialist

Paper Shredder Assistant

Personal Aids

Limo Driver


Personal Secretaries (lots of open positions)


Interested in joining our Team?  We believe that your career is as almost as important to us as our very own.  To find out potentially exciting new career opportunities and how you can help us meet our mission objectives, please contact us at  (resumes are optional - just tell us what you think you can do...)


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