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DigiScents (smellable Internet) coming to the Mac
by Ben Wilson,
September 15, 2000, 7:00 am ET

One of the most innovative, and undoubtedly head-turning (or should that be nose turning?) devices to hit the hi-tech industry will soon be making its way to the Macintosh platform. DigiScents, a hardware/software combination, that actually generates physical scents based on programmed web content, will soon be compatible with the Mac OS.

"Yes, we plan on making our iSmell technology compatible with the Macintosh platform," Brian Nelson, Public Relations Associate for DigiScents Inc. told MacCentral. However, Nelson could not confirm a definite date for shipment of a Macintosh version.

The DigiScents solution uses a device called iSmell, a "personal scent synthesizer." The iSmell attaches to the serial or USB port of your computer and plugs into a standard electrical outlet. The iSmell emits naturally based vapors into the user's personal space. The device is triggered either by user activation (like a mouse click) or a timed response (as is the case with a DVD ScentTrack).

According to Nelson, the technology will allow users to send scented mail, to smell 'n shop, to watch scented DVDs and play scented games.

What kind of smells can be emitted by the iSmell device? "Just about anything you can imagine," says Nelson.

The device works by using small cartridges with various scented chemicals. Like an inkjet printer, the cartridges are simply removed and replaced when the chemicals have been depleted. Nelson claims that the cartridges contain natural materials commonly found in the cosmetics, foods and beverages.

DigiScents is currently offering a ScentWare Developers Kit, which includes the tools required to create scent-enabled content and media. The SDK includes ReminiScents Database of ScentObjects, iSmell API and Drivers, and ScentStream Player and Server.

Once the product is available on the Mac platform, consumers will be able to use the ScentMixer Scent Creation Software, which allows you to create your own scents.

Watch for more information soon regarding tentative release dates for the Macintosh version of the DigiScents solution.

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